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Oberth Replacement part 17 by XFozzboute

The idea of a new version for the Oberth Class in your universe which you show here really has great promise. The shape clearly states,...

F-203E Sea Dragon by LeElf
by LeElf

First of all I have to say this is an excellent piece with lots of vivid color use befitting the series. The shading is spot on and wor...

Katana-Class Production Corvette WIP 2 by ChroniclesofMan

The Katana has progressed quite a lot during the years since you started working on Chronicles of Man. This incarnation does indeed hav...

Star Trek Romulan Fighter by AdamKop
by AdamKop

I can easilly see this ship going up to the Klingon fighter you designed earlier. I am slightly curious about its size though and landi...


Chronicles of Man as such should I redesign (in the newer style) an old design or: 

44 deviants said Redesign an old design and work on newer ones based on that
16 deviants said Start a new faction and a such a new fresh design is needed
10 deviants said Start a whole new line of ships based on an old design
5 deviants said Start small, maybe a company (only designs, limited to no nation/background story etc)
1 deviant said Suggestions
Hello everyone,

The last couple of days several watchers asked me if I am still open to do commissions.
The answer is yes but recently I deleted the journals containing information about commission work.
This was done since they were outdated but also because for some time I was not able to work on anything due to real life issues.

Now to the real information concerning prices and so on. Basically I will do this based on the complexity of the drawing. Obviously there is a base guideline that can be found down here:
Profiles: 25$
Perspective: 45$
Scene: 55$
Technical: 30$

Of course these are open for discussion depending what you want. Samples can be found in my gallery.

Payment is via paypal and is to be received after completion of the starting sketch. After payment the final product will be made. Why this way you might ask? This is because of past experiences. This works the best since both parties can get everything sorted out before the final product is made.

Thats it for now. Again thanks for commenting and liking the images. 


Escapepod interior by HandofManos
Escapepod interior
A relative fast made interior of a 6 person escape pod used on Defiant escorts and Intrepid class explorers. This is for a submission for Star Trek Excalibur which I hopefully can join as a 2d artist. 
Group of Robots by HandofManos
Group of Robots
Several designs for a cardgame. Showing a mixture of military, security, construction and civilian designs.
USS Saratoga Perspective by HandofManos
USS Saratoga Perspective
Another commission for :iconseekhim: and again the Delphis class, which I start to like more and more. Original concept by :iconseekhim:, design by :iconcolourbrand: and this perspective shot by me of course :)

Made a few changes to make it work better

The USS Saratoga, a Delphis class science vessel, is a small ship of about 180 meters and has a crew of 100. Being the smallest ships in the fleet the Delphis nonetheless has a important part to play in Starfleet as it is the primary follow up science ship after the explorers discover systems or phenomena. Equipped with an extensive science facilities and advanced sensors the Delphis class has found quite some spectacular discoveries and even made first contact in several occasions. 

Even though a science vessel the Delphi Class comes equipped with a potent defensive array of weaponry and can take quite a beating.


Length: 180 meters
Decks: 9
Crew: 100-120
Evacuation limit: 300
Armament: 2 Phaser emitters, 3 Torpedo launchers 
Robotic Dog by HandofManos
Robotic Dog
A design for a cardgame portraying a robot dog used by law enforcement age ncies for crowd control and carrying equipment.
The description, provided by the person who come up with the concept, is as follows:

This is the standard patrol partner for most USC police officers. Coming with a built-in Document Computer, it is a must-have for any cop. Unlike the dogs that it replaced; they all look like a Mastiff, and stand in at a staggering four feet tall at the shoulders. Also outfitted with a powerful jaw and a high running speed that is as fast as most Olympic athletes; this is a feared robot for any criminal to come across.

I also have permission to post it. And even though it is a simple design I am quite pleased with it.
Patrol at dawn by HandofManos
Patrol at dawn
My small contribution to :iconshoguneagle:'s contest. The "Slipstream" class light cruiser was originally designed by :iconcolourbrand: for Shoguneagle.
A small squadron leaving planetary orbit for a routine patrol mission after taking on supplies at a Starpoint Station. The squadron leader, the AFWS Condor leads the Kalif and Bresnau as they move into a higher orbit for their jumps to their designated patrol sector.

For more information regarding the contest be sure to check Shogun's journal here:  Two Weeks Remain for the 30K Views Art Contest!As of today, fifteen days remain to submit entries into the 30K Views Art Contest! As briefed prior, the deadline for the contest is May 1st, 2015; 0001 Japan Standard Time. Also, I've received a third submission today from Colourbrand; thank you for your second entry, and best of luck to you!
1. "Farewell Challenger," by Colourbrand (entry 1)
2. "Lieutenant Abby Farnsworth," by vutheara

3. "Operation Star Lightning," by Colourbrand (entry 2)

The subject of the contest is: Shootingstar settings/scenes! It won out by one vote (with fan-works in second place), but I’m enthusiastic to see the voters were interested in my military science fiction setting. It also allows decent flexibility for the artists/entrants who otherwise might’ve been turned off by a narrow subject, say only Patrol Girl characters, or Shootingstar ships, etc.  
So what does this mean? In short, entrants can use anythi
 joining the contest is still possible and great fun for inspiration.

Actually getting more fun in drawing once more and using the tablet. 


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Stunning gallery! Starships are the heart of science-fiction :)
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Thanks! And I agree :)
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Excellent gallery, especially all the Star Trek stuff.
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Thanks! Doing my best and it is a great universe. Also thanks for the badge ;)
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Hey dude, I came across this on Facebook…
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no need to worry ;)
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Thank you very much for faving my work.
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