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Oberth Replacement part 17 by XFozzboute

The idea of a new version for the Oberth Class in your universe which you show here really has great promise. The shape clearly states,...

F-203E Sea Dragon by LeElf
by LeElf

First of all I have to say this is an excellent piece with lots of vivid color use befitting the series. The shading is spot on and wor...

Katana-Class Production Corvette WIP 2 by ChroniclesofMan

The Katana has progressed quite a lot during the years since you started working on Chronicles of Man. This incarnation does indeed hav...

Star Trek Romulan Fighter by AdamKop
by AdamKop

I can easilly see this ship going up to the Klingon fighter you designed earlier. I am slightly curious about its size though and landi...


Chronicles of Man as such should I redesign (in the newer style) an old design or: 

37 deviants said Redesign an old design and work on newer ones based on that
14 deviants said Start a new faction and a such a new fresh design is needed
10 deviants said Start a whole new line of ships based on an old design
5 deviants said Start small, maybe a company (only designs, limited to no nation/background story etc)
No deviants said Suggestions
Hello everyone,

The last couple of days several watchers asked me if I am still open to do commissions.
The answer is yes but recently I deleted the journals containing information about commission work.
This was done since they were outdated but also because for some time I was not able to work on anything due to real life issues.

Now to the real information concerning prices and so on. Basically I will do this based on the complexity of the drawing. Obviously there is a base guideline that can be found down here:
Profiles: 25$
Perspective: 45$
Scene: 55$
Technical: 30$

Of course these are open for discussion depending what you want. Samples can be found in my gallery.

Payment is via paypal and is to be received after completion of the starting sketch. After payment the final product will be made. Why this way you might ask? This is because of past experiences. This works the best since both parties can get everything sorted out before the final product is made.

Thats it for now. Again thanks for commenting and liking the images. 


Veridian Destroyer by HandofManos
Veridian Destroyer
Basically the side profile is finished but I do consider it not yet completely finished since the background will need to be cleared. Even so I think this will be the new heading for CoM 3.0 for the nation I used before.
Light Laser Gun by HandofManos
Light Laser Gun
Just a tryout getting to know the tablet more. 
Chronicles of Man 3.0 LTM-200 Light Freighter by HandofManos
Chronicles of Man 3.0 LTM-200 Light Freighter
The first real try in making something for the new CoM3.0 In this case a modular light freighter with a crew of 3. It can be armed with three point defense turrets (2 on its back and on on its chin) but basically these ships would be used in well patrolled areas.

Tried to add some techniques I've done up while working on the fighter jets and with the tablet.

EDIT: some additional details and guns added. Also will use the background as a base for other images.
Chronicles of Man 3.0: Civilian Freighter by HandofManos
Chronicles of Man 3.0: Civilian Freighter
Another small freighter design. This time a slightly bigger one and this one is armed (albeit only for small anti fighter combat).
Capable to carry more cargo then the LTM 200 Modular Freighter its the ideal ship for inner system and single system jump transports. Compared to the LTM 200 this ship has no atmospheric capability and as such operates mainly in open space or in low gravity areas (like moons, artificial structures, asteroid bases and so on). 

Considering the poll states a redesign is in order I will use the things I learned working on these designs for one of the older ships and rework that so it will fit in the new CoM universe.
Wahoo Class cruiser by HandofManos
Wahoo Class cruiser
Made for :iconbenne422: depicting a "near future" military space craft. Specs provided by him as well :) Was fun to work on it.

Type: Cruiser 

Role:     Long range, high endurance combat and exploration vessel. Used for show the flag type missions, forming the core of battle fleets, supporting planetary assaults etc. 


Length:     415 meters
Beam:      50-105 meters
Height:     20-44 meters
Tonnage: 180,700 tons

Power plant: Primary; 1x matter/antimatter annihilation reactor, Secondary; 2x compact Fusion reactors 

Sub-light Propulsion: 6x thrust vectoring nuclear antiproton thrusters, 48 RCS maneuvering thrusters
Faster-than-Light Propulsion: Alcubierre drive
Maximum Acceleration (Non-FTL): 8 gravities 


Primary: 1x 250mm axial mass driver
Secondary: 5x Missile batteries, 24 tubes per battery, 120 total missile tubes, 480 total missiles (96 per battery). (Port, starboard, ventral, dorsal, and forward) 
Tertiary: 60x 1-meter aperture laser emitters (Point Defense) 12x Particle beam emplacements, (Anti-ship weapons, can also function as point defense, mounted port, starboard, ventral and dorsal) 


Armor: 1-meter standard ablative armor, 1x meter honeycomb composite armor sandwiched with standard radiation shielding layer, 3-meter bow, reactor section, and drive component armor. 
Military grade Electronic Warfare Suite, decoy launchers 
Artificial Magnetic field generators (Defense against radiation and particle beams) 

Embarked Craft

4 Shuttle Bays
3x Endo/Exo-atmospheric Shuttle Craft (capacity 40 passengers and 8,000 Kgs of cargo or 6 passengers 26,000 Kgs of cargo) 
1x Ships Cutter (24 passengers, 5,000 Kgs of cargo) 
12x Repair Pods
40x Long-range reconnaissance probes (stowed internally) 
30x 10 Man escape pods 

Crew Compliment

Officers: 36
Enlisted: 205
Passengers: 50 in emergency situations 
Stores: 2 years consumables, hydroponics systems, water recycling systems


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Theunis Dijkman
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Current Residence: The Netherlands
Operating System: Windows Vista
Favourite cartoon character: Goto (Patlabor)


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