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F-203E Sea Dragon by LeElf
by LeElf

First of all I have to say this is an excellent piece with lots of vivid color use befitting the series. The shading is spot on and wor...

Katana-Class Production Corvette WIP 2 by ChroniclesofMan

The Katana has progressed quite a lot during the years since you started working on Chronicles of Man. This incarnation does indeed hav...

Star Trek Romulan Fighter by AdamKop
by AdamKop

I can easilly see this ship going up to the Klingon fighter you designed earlier. I am slightly curious about its size though and landi...

Future Parkour Girl by Sabakakrazny

The first thing that came to my mind was the excellent and refreshing pose or composition of this piece. You rarely see these kind of p...


Next battletech design (this time less know ones) 

16 deviants said Battlemaster assault mech
10 deviants said Grizzly heavy mech
9 deviants said Jagermech heavy mech
7 deviants said Hollander light mech
5 deviants said Cougar light mech
5 deviants said Dragon II heavy mech
4 deviants said Firemoth/dasher light mech
3 deviants said Sha Yu medium mech
No deviants said Apollo medium mech
No deviants said Marshal medium mech
And what a year it was! It had it's ups and downs but luckily the ups won with a landslide. The birth of our son and him doing well after 5 months are certainly something that was very important to me and the wife.
Also on the art side things are getting back on track and I am devoting more time in experimenting with new techniques.

With the tablet I am currently working more and more and I how to continue to do that in the future. I still have a long road to go as seen in the Scouttrooper Promo image I made for a joint project with :iconadamkop: Which will see more and more use of the tablet in combination with 3d rendered images. I also want to thank :iconshoguneagle: for granting me the use of the tablet for his latest commissions. It certainly helps me get better and more confident with the tablet and at the moment I am quite pleased with the latest image I posted using the tablet.

That being said there is still a lot of improvement and looking at various techniques I am quite impressed with the use of 3d objects been drawn over. My experience with 3d is a bit rusty but I once worked with 3dsmax and maya and I want to use one of those programs (or another program) to use for future technical drawings and perspectives. That does not mean I will completely stop using the line drawing I made, as seen with the recent Battletech and jetfighter drawings. But looking at the livestreams and the work of :iconshimmering-sword:, which I can highly recommend to people to watch and get inspired, 3d can certainly be of great help. Traditional sketching will always be part of how I work to get an idea across to someone, and for that I want to point people's attention to :iconraka-raka:, :iconbeltminer: and :iconfeloniusmonk: who are great artists who use a combination of traditional sketching and using the tablet. They also all make their own comics which are fun to check out :)

Lastly I want to thank :iconadamkop: and :iconcolourbrand: for their advice and know how in their respective fields. It is always fun and a learning experience to check out their work Adam being a 3d man with 2d tablet work and Colourbrand being the person who makes 2d concept and scenery art with a story attached to them. In some cases even making a continuing story arc. They also made me consider working on other universes like Star Wars and Battletech.

Okay that is my rant for now :)


Hayase-class super dimensional fortress by HandofManos
Hayase-class super dimensional fortress
Final design for a Macross unit once again made for :iconshoguneagle: which is cool since the designs are fun to work on :)
Last Stand WIP by HandofManos
Last Stand WIP
Still a very early stage of an idea that came to my mind after seeing the results in the poll. Also recently I started playing Mechwarrior Online which was inspirational although I still need to get a good feeling of that game.

About the drawing the background still needs work and I will certainly change it. Focus needs to be on the mechs after all

UPDATE: changed the background quite a lot and added a disabled LRM launcher and now the turret of a destroyed tank now has a hull which is being stepped on by the Grizzly :)
Commission Star Wars Gunboat by HandofManos
Commission Star Wars Gunboat
These specs were kindly provided by the persons who wanted me to work on this ship

Model name: Imperious class

Manufacturer: Rendili Star drives/Kuat Drive Yards
Crew: 1 pilot, 1 navigator/captain, 1 co-pilot, two engineers, 6 gunners, 1 communications officer
Class: Gunboat
Length: 125m
Height: 28m (From the top of the bridge)
Hyperdrive: Class 1 backup class 12
Navigation system: equipped
Power plant: Hypermatter annihilation reactor
• Two wing mounted Turbolasers
• Two dual tubrolasers 
• 2 rapid fire iron cannon
• 1 variable payload launcher (Usually a mix of concussion and proton missiles
• 4 quad lasers defence batteries
• 2 ARC-170'S
• 1 Shuttle
Consumables: 6 months
Cost: 4 million credits
Availability: Not available to for public sale permission for authorized organizations must be obtained first

The Imperious Class gunboat was introduced around 21 bby, originally made by the republic to meet the needs of a multi role craft that would be manufactured en mass to fulfil a multitude of roles to simplify facilities and roles with in the republic navy. The ship was designed as a patrol and scout ship a role exemplified with the keel hangar that could house two ARC-170's for pushing the ships effective range and reconnaissance capability. They also had the ability to be fielded in an escort role, if some of the cargo was sacrificed for more supplies. The ship as well was also able to screen larger vessels from smaller attack craft and could even form wolf packs and use there deadly missile payloads on larger ship to a frighting effect. With their heavy armour and armament they made an effective light corvette on the outer rim areas able to chase with there over sized engines and deal with any threats of a similar size.

The ships also made heavy use of automation and smart technologies (For example all weapon systems were operated from a CIC for ease of communication) to reduce crew size and save space, this though made the ships systems somewhat complicated and a nightmare for technicians, the problem only escalated in the face of ion weapons and if there was damage to the ship that affected these areas as it meant an increased time spent in a repairs, however this was deemed an worthwhile trade-off for the manpower it freed up for other ships. It also featured a the capacity to house 20 troopers for boarding operations as well as to quickly move a group of infantry to areas that desperately needed it, as well as keel cargo bay that with a platform that could be lowered to the ground to ease with loading and offloading of gear and equipment.

However come the dawn of the empire this ship was phased out of the main fleets and productions slowed till only a few ship rolled off the line, the empire deemed that the ship covering too many roles weakened it as these roles should be filled by dedicated craft rather than an 'Over thought and over complicated vessel that could not do all roles to satisfaction'. These ships are now found in the outer rim areas where there fire power and speed are still useful as there are few ships that can contend with them of similar size. However the rebel alliance has been quick to salvage what they can of these ships even stealing them from docks when the empire attention wanned for them, the same can be said for the criminal enterprises who also recognized and valued the speed and fire power the ships would offer them.

Only know has it come to the Empires attention that allowing these ships to fall into the wrong hands as been a big mistake as while nowhere near as powerful as the empires larger ships it can easily out run then while at the same time out gunning there ships of similar size, it’s always considered a good kill for an Imperial captain to bring one of these vessels down and a huge loss to its previous owners. As such the remaining ships been built and currently operated have had tighter regulation placed on them and only planetary organizations that have the need of them may attempt to purchase them.
Commission Thuverl-Esger-class destroyer by HandofManos
Commission Thuverl-Esger-class destroyer
Final version (perhaps some minor changes needed) of a Macross design for :iconshoguneagle: I am quite happy how the bridge turned out and it was certainly fun to work on


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I love your name! Your artwork is amazing. 
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Thanks :D and it is a MST3k reference name ;)
MrWonderWorks Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hey Can You Do Gerry Anderson Vehicles Next?
HandofManos Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Highly unlikely at the moment even though I like several of the series he worked on. Simply put I have several other projects I am working on
MrWonderWorks Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I Know But I Think You Could Make Your Versions Of FireBall XL5, StingRay, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, TerraHawks, & The ThunderBirds.
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maybe later on 
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Thanks for the my friend.
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Keep on doing what you are doing ;)
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You too man, I love that new one, reminds me of the dreaded Mistel. 
More scary german engineering, Ach!
HandofManos Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha yeah those were some funky designs they made. Got a book about them and it is interesting to say the least
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