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February 14, 2013
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Sharing Notes by HandofManos Sharing Notes by HandofManos
<USS Agincourt - Constitution Class Starship - entering Nivel System>

The viewscreen showed the bright blue M Class world of Nivel I as the USS Agincourt dropped out of warp. Forrester slowly turned his seat as he took a good look of the scene in front of him.
A scene of busy activity as freighters and other civilian ships came and went around the several supply dumps dotting the system.

"We have arrived at K4 captain." Lieutenant Commander M'Giia said crisply turning her seat towards him looking cool and collected as always. Even so he knew her better, the frustration of searching space for several weeks for several missing ships had drained his crew. Yet what the USS Wisp had found might turn their fruitless mission completely around for the better.
"Thank you lieutenant commander."

"Standard parking orbit Corin." Forrester said with a thin smile as he turned his attention to his helmsman.

"Aye aye captain." He had quite grown since their days in the academy even so he still had sort of rebelious streak but that was something his command crew had learned to live with.

"Inform me when the Bremen and Wisp arrive, M'Giia you have the bridge... I will be in my quarters."

"Aye sir." The female Andorian said with something which almost looked like a smile as she briskly moved over to the command section and taking over the captain's chair as he made for the turbo elevator.

<Captains quarters>

As he sat down heavilly in his chair he looked at the starfield and the busy traffic outside his viewport. Tapping in his password in the computer screen on his desk he leaned back recalling the struggles and victories they all had achieved in the years they had been together. And he knew, if captain Kirk was still around he would have been pleased to see that they were still together. On their new ship, a new mission and with a purpose. He still recalled the first time he met his bridge crew as they entered the Command Course at Starfleet Academy what was it 9 years ago? How time had flown in the meantime.
He smiled and turned his log on, back to work...

“Captain’s Log: Stardate 35600.01

USS Agincourt, NCC 1601, Captain David Forrester reporting.

Finally a breakthrough! Captain Manos and his crew on the Wisp have, in a touch of luck, has found the latest missing freighter, the SS Starfury adrift.
As I record this the Agincourt is meeting up with the USS Wisp at K4 Station as we continue our mission to find out how the last couple of weeks several freighters have dissapeared.

Commander Manos is now confident that a unknown pirate group is behind this and at first I tended to agree with him as I received his first report of the infected freighters computer core. A highly advanced virus that has taking down of all systems of the Starfury. But why use a virus since normally pirate groups do not use such complicated methods.

Even so Lieutenant commander M'Giia has informed me that the USS Wisp's communications officer will transfer the collected data they have collected from the Starfury computer.
Us being the largest unit in this taskforce our science division is better suited to analyse it and I am quite sure Sturek's people will quickly break the codes and find some useful clues to who or what is behind these attacks.

Yet I can not help but wonder if something bigger is going on, something we are overlooking.

End log."

The final version of part 3 of the story I am setting up. I want to thank :iconcolourbrand: and :iconmikemars: for the encouraging words and helpful comments.
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i'd watch the tangent with the rings and the disc of the ship. maybe the rings could be at a different angle that would intersect with the ship in the backdrop so as to avoid any tangent. second i'd make sure the lighting on the ship is clear. i think its coming from upper stage right but the lighting on the lower fuselage is making me question that. i'd block in the ships in sketchup for some general model lighting references. even angle a render to the shot your trying to accomplish. how about making some interesting cloud patterns on that planet. some larger cloud shapes. star field about some subtle blue shifted stars in the background to create some interest. maybe they lead your eye around the frame somehow. sometimes is fun to put in some subtle nebula shapes. also in dark blue if you want to keep it mellow.

good job on the drafting of the ship and the details. for reference i'd get some screen captures from the movies to asses your lighting and compositions. the latest abrams movie for sure since thats the latest interpretation of this sort of thing.

your doing great. looking forward to the seeing more....
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Well, what can I say?

I love this; no, I adore this, and it’s so moving. There is a great story to this, it’s a great scene, it has elements from my works YET it has its own identity (which it should be) and this is what makes it great to me.

To many this may not be the perfect art – its “angles” are not right, “this looks crooked” and so forth. Me – I don’t give a F***.

I am not going to comment on technical this, and tonal that; This is art made with passion and honesty; and its fan art too – and I admire that; it shows that an idea one has made resonates with others; sharing art is about this – not being ‘who’s the best’ or ‘how dramatic I can make it.’ When something is made with passion all one should do is respect and admire.

This like his previous works on this subject is enticing – its plot, story with art to support; I have enjoyed all his works and I hope he can carry this on; more he has made me re-look at doing more on the Trek Front; he has given me ideas and motivation – that is what great art and a great artist does.

Finally it’s a sign of mutual respect – yes I am blowing my own trumpet, but I don’t care; here is a person who was inspired from me and in turn has inspired myself. Makes what we artists do worth while.

That is what art is about – thank you sir, thank you very much :D
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The Artist thought this was FAIR
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dgspirit1991 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awesome :D
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Wisky-08 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013
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Excellent work! And you've just earned yourself a watch. Have a glass of Romulan Ale on me. ;) :D
HandofManos Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Will certainly toast to that! :) And thanks be sure to check the previous two installments ;)
MillenniumFalsehood Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
Just did; great work! :D
HandofManos Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hope you like the story thus far. Will work on more ;)
MillenniumFalsehood Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013
Awesome! :D
KillaBC Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
The station is a textbook in original TMP design, the atmosphere and the backstory really add to this all ready impressive drawn piece.
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